YFN Lucci's name has popped up in the headlines after a video surfaced of attorneys in the YSL RICO case appearing to confirm he was on the list of possible witnesses. Lucci's attorney Drew Findling has reacted to the viral video.

On Thursday (Dec. 29), courtroom video from a hearing for the YSL RICO case hit the internet that shows Judge Ural Glanville going over some details of the case. In the clip, which is circulating on social media, the judge asks for confirmation that YFN Lucci is in the indictment.

"Isn't he on the witness list also?" a person offscreen questions.

"Right," another voice confirms.

The video has made the internet question whether Lucci will be testifying against Young Thug in his upcoming trial. YFN Lucci's attorney Drew Findling is shooting down those assertions. The high-powered celebrity lawyer released the following statement to XXL on Thursday afternoon:

"Rayshawn Bennett (Lucci), has never been interviewed or subpoenaed by law-enforcement, the Fulton County District Attorney‘s office or any of the party’s regarding the YSL case. Any party can announce for example that Abraham Lincoln is on their witness list, but those words alone are meaningless. So, to be 100% clear, Rayshawn Bennett (Lucci)will not be a witness in the YSL case. His focus, as it should be, is on his pending Fulton County case."

YFN Lucci is listed in the YSL indictment as being the target of an assault that was allegedly carried out after the culprits sought the green light from Young Thug. The assault took place in February when Lucci was stabbed in jail. Young Thug and YFN Lucci's beef dates back to 2017.

YFN Lucci is currently in jail fighting his own case. He is currently facing a murder charge in connection to a 2021 incident where a man who was shot during a drive-by shooting Lucci is alleged to have been the driver in was pushed out of the vehicle and left for dead. Lucci has pleaded not guilty.

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