Young Thug's attorney has been sentenced to 20 days in jail after being held in contempt of court yesterday.

Young Thug's Attorney to Serve Jail Time

Brian Steel, the lawyer trying to keep Young Thug out of prison in the YSL RICO trial, will have to spend 20 days in jail with his client as a result of Judge Ural Glanville holding him in contempt of court on Monday (June 10). The 20-day sentence will be broken down over the next 10 weekends. Steel was ordered to serve his time at the Fulton County Jail. However, he requested to do his sentence at the Cobb County Jail, which is where Young Thug is being held so they can work on the case. Judge Glanville agreed with the suggestion and said he would talk to the sheriff.

XXL has reached out to Brian Steel and the Fulton County Superior Court for comment.

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Young Thug's Attorney Refuses to Give Up Information

On Monday, the latest bizarre moment in the YSL RICO trial occurred when Steel informed Judge Glanville that prosecution witness Kenneth "Lil Woody" Copeland met with his stand-in lawyer and prosecutors without the defense's knowledge. Judge Glanville ordered Steel to divulge where he got that information from, as it was an ex parte meeting, meaning it was a meeting one party has with the judge to speak on issues with the case without the other side being included. Steel refused to tell how he learned of the meeting, which prompted Judge Glanville to hold him in contempt in the middle of the court hearing.

Before being led away by court bailiffs, Steel asked for a mistrial, citing Thug's desire not to go on without his lead counsel.

"Mr. Williams does not wish to go forward without me being here," Steel told the judge. "You are removing me against his will, my will. You've taken away his right to counsel, and you're conducting material parts of this trial without me present and I can't learn about it by watching online. So, for that reason additionally, I ask for a mistrial and I assume you deny, but I'd like you to deny our motions for mistrial."

Judge Glanville denied the mistrial motion but said he would "take that under advisement."

Young Thug and his five codefendants are being charged with using YSL as a front for a violent street gang that allegedly committed various crimes in the Atlanta area over the last decade. The trial started in November of 2023 and has been in session for close to 100 days. There is speculation that the trial could take years to complete.

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See the video of Young Thug's attorney being taken into custody and sentenced after being held in contempt below.

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