Jay-Z is gearing up to drop his 12th solo album Magna Carta Holy Grailwith it he takes on rumors of him being Illuminati, race, his relationship with God, being a celebrity and more.

Jay-Z-Getty Images
Jay-Z-Getty Images

MR. Carter's #newrules campaign continues with a promo for his second Magna Carta Holy Grail "single". By the way, if you happen to be a Samsung Galaxy user you get to  download his MCHG app and get the first look at a video "Oceans" featuring Frank Ocean. is getting deep with his new project and recently released the names of three forth coming singles and lyrics to one joint in particular "Oceans" featuring Frank Ocean.  Release of the "Oceans" lyrics comes on the same day that the New York Post reports that the multiplatinum rap star is planning a Times Square concert for July 8, pending approval from the mayor's office.

On "Oceans" Jay and Frank deal with America's ugly past and continued struggle with racism.  He also describes his thoughts about the transatlantic slave trade using the ocean off the Ivory Coast.  Here's and excerpt of some of the lyrics;

"This water mixed my blood/ This water tells my story/ This water knows it all."  While another verse Jay raps, "I'm anti Santa Maria/ Only Christopher we acknowledge/ Is Wallace/ I don't even like Washington's in my pocket."

On "Holy Grail," Hov also teams-up with Justin Timberlake to explore the push and pull of being a celebrity on a joint called "Heaven," on the song Jay questions religion and shoots down persistent rumors that he is part of a secret society.

Looks like Jigga's got some things to get off his chest. The full album is slated for release on the Independence Day, July 4.  Meanwhile, Frank Ocean says he's "knee-deep" in a follow-up to his award-winning Channel Orange.


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