Yesterday I had the chance to go and hang out at the Original Lake Charles Mardi Gras Chicken Run. The morning kicked off with plenty of rain, and we all thought that this would really put a serious damper on the day. Well the rain cleared, the parade went well and below you can check out some of the photos from the event.

Shouts out to Ashley Cherry from Curves R My Movement and Chilli for going through and grabbing the shots from the night. Everyone gave a great show from the beginning to the finish. Shouts out to Rusty Metoyer, Chris Ardoin and J. Paul Jr for killing the crown and leaving the leftovers for the paramedics. Everyone who came through from all the bikers clubs to beyond, thank you! I am already planning to be in the building for next year, may have to get me a fresh pair of kicks for this one...LOL!

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