Just over a month ago I was reporting about a contractor being arrested for getting over on someone they were hired to do contracting work for. The work didn't pan out and the contractor ended up basically being paid for work that they didn't finish and it resulted in this person being arrested and sought after twice.

Lorraine R. Hyde of Mandeville has been arrested for failure to pay contractors that she actually hired to complete a job. This was in November 2019. Hyde hired various companies through her company Genesis Venture Logistics to provide services to transport sand for a project under construction. During the investigation, it was discovered that Hyde used an accounts receivable financing company and received over 2 million dollars.

With several companies filing complaints and a lengthy investigation the District Attorney's office where charges were later accepted, followed by the issuing of a warrant for Lorraine R. Hyde's arrest. She was arrested and booked in to the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with contractor misapplication of payments. A bond was currently set at $50,000 by Judge Kendrick Guidry. This is another disheartening situation as I am not a fan of anyone robbing the next person. Whether it's a contractor getting over on a local citizen or someone trying to keep funds from a company who is doing the work. This is not the way we are suppose to operate as we all should be working together to help get the city back.




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