Memphitz admits in a court deposition that he beat K. Michelle, spent her money, and threatened to kill her son. Learn more now!

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For those of you unfamiliar with the drama, Memphitz, whose real name is Mickey Wright, is a former music exec who married Toya Wright, ex-wife of Lil Wayne in 2011. However, last year she announced the two had separated.

Memphitz and Toya Wright - Getty Images

A couple of seasons back on Love & Hip Hip Atlanta, K. Micheal spoke-out about being brutally beaten by her former boyfriend, who she also claimed spent all of her money. At the time, her accusations didn't sit well with a lot of her cast members, particularly rapper Rasheeda who's close to Memphitz and Toya.

Meanwhile, Memphitz filed a defamation lawsuit against Michelle, Mona Scott-Young, her Monami Entertainment company, Viacom and VH1. He claimed they slandered his name on the show and tarnished his image. However, while Michelle spoke out about being beaten by a former record exec boyfriend, she never said his name.

According to AllHipHop, Memphitz's own words may have helped him loose his case against the singer. In court deposition, Hitz actually admitted to having a physical confrontation with the singer in a Memphis hotel back in 2009. He also acknowledged that spending her money buying jewelry, as well as sending threatening text messages about killing her son.

Long story short, Memphitz lost his lawsuit against Michelle. AllHipHop reports that for Memphitz to win his case, he would have had to prove he's not a public figure and that the allegations against about  him were false.

Obviously he couldn't do that, so his case was thrown out. So far, there's been no comment from Michelle or Mona.