Meet adorable Bayley! Not only is this mini Sheepadoodle the cutest dog on planet Earth, but they have become an overnight internet superstar. It's not hard to understand why. Not sure if this beautiful puff of white fur (with a black nose and eyes) is a girl or a boy. However, one thing is for sure it's a living replica of the famous 'Peanuts' comic strip dog Snoopy and folks are going nuts!

The famous comic was introduced to the world on October 2, 1950, by the legendary comic strip artist. Charles M. Shultz. What's so funny is Charlie Brown's smart-alec dog, with human mannerisms, is a Beagle! But somehow, sweet Bayley is the spitting image of the iconic animated character. If there was any such thing as a Snoopy dog look-a-like contest, this gorgeous sheepadoodle would slay the competition! For that matter, some big-shot movie director needs to contact Bayley's mommy and sign her up to star in a live-action 'Peanuts' film!

Take a look a Bayley's photo gallery below! To learn more about the darling doggie, follow this real-life Snoopy on social media for more cuteness overload. See what everyone is going bonkers about!

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