Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton are known to have some what of an unconventional marriage, so the photo circulating of him grabbing a fan's butt at the MTV: VMA after party is probably nothing at all.A fan tweeted a pic of Thicke grabbing a fan’s back side while posing for a photo at a post-VMAs party. See the pic below.


In the photo the 'Blurred Lines' singer grabs the fan's butt, as you can see him doing in the mirror’s reflection behind them.

Thicke's wife, Paula Patton was at the party as well and a fan took it upon herself to tweet it to the actress, telling her to look at the reflection.

Do you think this is a threat to the couples marriage? From past red carpet appearances where the couple seem to be a bit giggly and intoxicated, I think this might be the secret to their marriage. Who knows... What's for sure is that the R&B/Soul crooner had him a hand full of ass. There's no denying that!