It's full steam ahead for T.I. and Tiny's Family Hustle on VH1.  They've been pulling in some major ratings ever since their reality show aired.  In case your not familiar, the show features the couple's married family life but also their extremely busy schedules as the juggle all of kids endeavors and more.Vh1 made a big announcement about the happy Hip-Hop couple.  Get the 411 now and find out what's next for


Tip on the big screen as well.  Press play now to hear Tha Wire.

It's double good news for Cash Money.  They've managed to settle not one but two huge lawsuits.  Both of which were for the labels alleged failure to pay royalties.  Behind the lawsuits were music giant EMI Music Group and Hip-Hop producer and both were suing for a half "milli" a piece.  Get all the details now.


Yelawolf is currently rethinking how he performs.  As previously reported, he was force to cancel several concerts do to being rushed to the hospital last month for an unknown illness.  He didn't just find himself in the hospital, but in an intensive care unit before it was all said and done.


Plus, Justin Biebers recent antics on Twitter might end up costing a pretty penny.  Note to self: If your a major super star with millions of fans never, ever as them to call you!  He pulled a little prank on Twitter that may have back fired.  Get is and all of today's juicy details right now.  Press play to here Tha Wire: 



50 Cent recently score big.  He won a major copyright infringement lawsuit he had been fighting since 2010, over his song " I Get Money".  Rapper Tyronne Simmons filed the suit claiming that Fif and a producer by the name of Apex stole his original beat of the song.

Simmons claimed he had purchased the exclusive license to the song prior to it's official release as well.  Once made aware there was an issue, Apex tried to make things right.  He offered Simmons a wide array of other beats, but Simmons wasn't havin it.  He continued to pursue legal action.

Now, it like Simmons should've reconsidered, because his lawsuit has been thrown out of court for some of the parties involved, including his "cash cow" 50 Cent.  However, Apex wasn't that lucky and will more than likely face charges of copyright infringement.


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