'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
It's painfully obvious the Chris Brown can't win with some people.  No matter what he does, or doesn't's never gonna be good enough.
Is Adele Already Seven Months Pregnant?
It’s not unusual for expectant mothers to wait until after the first trimester to publicly announce their impending bundles of joy. Biology being what it is, it’s tough to wait much longer than that without people noticing an inexplicably expanding waistline.
But according to a new story, Adele — who…
Beyonce Reveals Her Top 10 Songs of 2011
Beyonce has unveiled a list of her 10 favorite songs of 2011 on her website. The list gives plenty of love to female singers and hip-hop artists. Though many critics have Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’ on their year-end lists, Bey went the modest route and did not choose…
2011 Top Earning Women In Music
As the year winds down I'll be bringing you "Year End" details and news on some of the biggest moments in 2011.  For starters it was a huge year in music and the women in the industry raked in some big bucks.  From CD sales, promotions, endorsements and tours the lad…