Aretha Franklin

'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
The family of the late Emmett Till wanted an apology from Lil Wayne for the disrespectful lyrics the rapper laid down on the remix of "Karate Chop".  This week, they got it.....or did they?
Nicki Minaj Drops New Single Today! –Tha Wire–
It's full steam ahead for The Best New Artist Grammy nominee Nicki Minaj. Nicki shot out a tweet yesterday that read: "Roman releases his teaser tomorrow on itunes. It's entitled : Roman In Moscow. 1pmEST".  Not only does she have a new single but her sophomore album is already scheduled for release.
Today In Tha Wire
Tyrese has added "Author" to his long list of titles.  After the success of his debut book, "Get Out Of Your Own Way," which he co-wrote with Rev. Run, the two are teaming up for another run.  Tye's new book, "Manology," will focus on understanding a man.

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