Chief Keef

Chief Keef Is Released From Prison [NSFW VIDEO]
Now the word was that Chief Keef was going to be turning over a new lease on life, well maybe not totally. Although there was word that he was going to be getting baptized, which at 17 is a good thing to hear. Well Chief Keef was released from Jail and the paparazzi was there like it was Jay-Z. Take…
Nelly Schools Artist Looking For Major Deals [NSFW VIDEO]
Nelly tells the real deal to artist who thinks that it takes you signing a major deal before you can be considered a major artist in the game. Take a look at a recent interview that he dide with Dj Vlad below, he also talks about the situation with rapper Chief Keef.
Peep The Message From Lupe Fiasco “B#$ch Bad [Explicit Video]
This brother always brings the light to the most controversial situations, and Lupe Fiasco delivers again with his new single "Bad Bi$%h. Now when you hear the title of the song, the first thing you will do is for most people get on the defense, but if you take the time to listen I think you wi…

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