Christina Milian

Christina Milian Admits She Loves Lil Wayne [VIDEO]
For the past several months, Christina Milian has been very coy about her relationship with Lil Wayne. Whenever the singer gets asked about their romance, she insists that they're dealings are platonic or strictly business. But recently Milian spilled the beans and admitted that she loves her b…
Christina Milian Engaged
Christina Milian is officially off the market. The singer/actress is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jas Prince, son of J. Prince of the legendary Houston, Texas based record label Rap-a-Lot Records. They have been dating since 2010.
Gloria And Matt Call It Quits! — THA WIRE [PHOTOS]
I hate to hear it, but Basketball Wives: LA star Gloria Govan and her longtime boyfriend Matt Barns are supposedly calling it quites.  It kinda sucks that these people start off happy and the minute they open their lives up on national television, the relationship is over.  It a sad situat…
Was Christina Milians Marriage Simply A Bad Dream?
These days its seems that celebrities just don't take their vows very serious. It seems like Christina Milian is still recovery from what she thought could have been the marriage of a lifetime. Unfortunately The-Dream had other irons and choices in the fire.