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'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
If you've been trying to catch Drake or Miguel live, here's your chance!  The two are going to be going on tour this Fall and I got all the details here.
'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
TMZ reports that Flavor Flav’s fiancée was hospitalized yesterday after overdosing on pain killers.  Liz Trujillo can be seen with the rapper on the new season of “Couples Therapy,” and hopefully will make a full recovery.   However, a spokesperson for Flav is dening the allegations and gave TMZ a different account...
Suspect Named In Slim Dunkin Murder! –Tha Wire
The funeral services for Slim Dunkin were held this past Friday after the up-n-coming rapper was murdered in a Atlanta studio over a piece of candy the week before.  The murder has been under heavy investigation ever since it happened.  Police were pleading to the public for any leads and specifically to the more than 30 people present at the time Slim was shot.  Now, authorities have a break in t
R. Kelly’s “Love Letter Cruise” — Tha Wire [VIDEO]
R. Kelly is keeping it movin' or should I say....stepping in the name of love.  It's gonna be all about the love next Fall too as he teams up with Carnival Cruise Line and embarks on his very own "Love Letter Cruise".  Get pampered, eat your fill of gourmet meals, take part in "Stepping Classes" and more!

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