Lee Daniels

Nevermind, Lee Daniels Will Direct That Richard Pryor Biopic After All
Hey, remember back in May, when director Lee Daniels dropped out of the long (long, long, long)-developing Richard Pryor biopic? Okay, well, you can forget that ever happened because Daniels is returning to the project, and this time he’s bringing Jay Z with him — as a producer. With production projected to begin in early 2017, it looks like the movie about the iconic late comedian might finally make it to the big screen this time.
Director Lee Daniels Exits Long-Developing Richard Pryor Biopic
A biopic based on the life of the late, great Richard Pryor has been in the works for years, only recently making some legitimate progress with the hiring of director Lee Daniels and actor Mike Epps — who landed the role of the iconic comedian following an exhaustive casting search. But the project has taken a bit of a stumble, as Daniels has been forced to exit the biopic, which is now in need of a new director (again).

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