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New Details in JMJ Murder case
One of the saddest days in Hip Hop was when Run-DMC legend DJ Jam Master Jay was gunned down at his Queens recording studio on October 30, 2002. It's been over a decade and the case is still unsolved.  However, new details are coming to light and hopefully that may change.
Lil Phat Murder Case Takes Turn
Former Russian mobster, Mani Chulpayev, who authorities believe is directly involved in rapper Lil Phat’s murder, is now claiming he is innocent and was actually working for the FBI.
C-Murder Loses in Lawsuit
Corey Miller, best known as rapper C-Murder, was convicted twice of murder for killing 16-year old Steve Thomas in 2002.  Thomas's parents later filed a wrongful death lawsuit and a judge ruled Tuesday that the rapper is civilly liable.
Did Rick Ross Have Another Seizure? –Tha Wire
Hopefully it's not true, but several reports have surfaced that Rick Ross may have suffered another seizure.  The alleged indecent occurred over the weekend prior to a concert.  According to reports Rozay has canceled two concerts because of illness.