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Katt Williams Debuts New Comedy Special Tomorrow Night On HBO, Directed By Spike Lee [NSFW , VIDEO]
For those who have been wondering where comedian Katt Williams has been over the past few months. Well of course he has been in the news from hitting employees in Taret, getting arrested with Suge Knight and more. This is also the perfect material for a new comedy special. That's right it all goes down tomorrow night on HBO as he drops his hour long stand up special "Priceless" directed by Spike Lee. Check out the trailer below.
Spike Lee Buries The Hatchet With Former Movie Director Nemesis Tyler Perry.[VIDEO]
There is plenty of beef in the world of music, but to hear that movie directors have issues with one another is something totally different. This was the case with Spike Lee towards Tyler Perry. Obviously both of these guys are perfectionist in their craft, but Spike didn't like the way Tyler was portraying the art in some of his movies. He recently sat down with Oprah WInfrey to talk about and ho
'Tha Wire' With Gina Cook
Unfortunately, Spike Lee is being sued by elderly couple, Elaine and David McClain in Sanford, Florida for helping distributing their personal address on Twitter.
Spike Lee's New Film
I have never seen the original, but from the looks of the remake I will be downloading it pretty soon. Director Spike Lee steps out of his comfort zone to step behind the camera of a new movie starring actor Josh Brolin and from the trailer I am not disappointed!
'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
In 2012 Mike Tyson premiered his play Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth on Broadway.  The play gives fans an up close and personal view into Mike's incredible highs and lows over the past 25-years.

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