Weight Loss

Get Your Body Right For The Fall By Dropping A Few Pounds.
Whats Up People? If you are looking to drop a few pounds for the holidays, obviously exercise  and diet plays a major part in to get that weight off, but what if you could look to make some small changes and drop about 10 lbs without the heavy panting and sweating. You could actually look to do that…
Check Out The All New Raven Symone
Being one of the richest actors and singers in the world today, one would have never thought that Raven Symone would have body issues. Well as of late, miss Symone has been seen in a new light and I mean  that literally.
Missy Elliott Diagnosed With Incurable Graves Disease!
I played a song yesterday during the 5 o'clock Jumpoff from Missy Elliot and my phone was blowing up. Alot of folks thought it was something new, when in actuality it was an old cut from about 6 years ago. That to me means that the listeners want new music from Missy, unfortunately she's b…
Fat Joe May Wanna Come Up With Another Name!
He made the world Lean Back about 6 years ago and now he's about to kick off a new tune. How about the tune of close to 100 pounds! Read the story below to see how Fat Joe is working on getting things in a different perspective.