High School freshmen Paul Sampleton Jr. was shot to death inside his Gwinnett County home for his collection of shoes. No life is worth a pair of shoes.

According to ajc.com, before 14 year old Paul Sampleton Jr. was shot to death in his home, he was "either restrained or tied up and left in the kitchen to die." The teenager was found by his father, and was dead by the time responders had arrived to save his life.

Have we really become this materialistic society where people think it is permissible to kill for a pair of shoes and expect to get away with it?  No material object is worth more than a life. By now you would think that the makers of these high priced tennis shoes would step up and lead the way in an effort to discourage the insanity their pricey tennis bring. To no avail we continue to watch as another child dies because of what he wear's on his feet. How long will it be before this happens again, and what will be done to discourage it from happening again?