A Few years ago I had the pleasure of speaking with HM Coakley who was getting the chance to direct his first film and a horror film at that Holla. He told me about the opportunity he got with Lionsgate to do  the film and the obstacles on getting the budget and the cast to make it a successful movie. Well not only did the movie do well, but it spawned a sequel!

This year HM Coakley returned with an even bigger budget and cast for Holla 2. The movie got limited release, but pretty good reviews and will be hitting digital and dvd release sometime later this summer. Well now HM Coakley is back with a brand new movie that was released in March. The movie is called Cleaver Family Reunion and from the looks of the trailer, this is going to be very funny!

Cleaver Family Reunion:



Also check out the short film that HM Coakley did called The Slap starring some pretty familiar faces!