It's been 3 years believe it or not since we've heard the voice of Da Brat, well she has been officially released from prison. I am a big fan and really hope that she can get her career back on the top.

Brat, whose actual name is Shawntae Harris, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and a no-nonsense judge gave her a three-year sentence behind bars, seven years of probation, along with 200 hours of community service, completion of a substance abuse treatment program, a mental evaluation and anger management classes. The 36-year-old hip-hop lady lyricist and former co-star of 'The Surreal Life: Season Four, 'and the 'Celebrity Fit Club' was attending a private Halloween party at Studio 72 back in 2007, when she and former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens, who had been working as a hostess at the establishment, bumped into each other. The club was owned by music mogul Jermaine Dupri, who is also a longtime collaborator and friend of Brat's. The women began to argue, the yelling escalated into a shoving match and Brat took it to another level when she smashed Stevens' face with a bottle causing numerous cuts. Stevens had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment. In 2000, Brat was involved in yet another incident which involved reckless conduct. She beat up a woman with a gun at a club. The victim received six stitches to the head and Harris got a year of probation, 80 hours of community service and paid a $1,000 fine. A work-release program allowed Brat to have some freedom over the last year. The rapper made a cameo while on work-release appearing on Dupri's YouTube video series "Living the Life" where she thanked her fans for their support and explained her legal situation. Dupri was so ecstatic over Brat's release that he tweeted the following on Monday: "Happy day for me and all SO SO DEF fans, Da BRAT is finally home."

This cameras will definately be on her, Alot of negativity follows under these circumstances. Maybe JD and some of the others in her camp can really keep her level headed and focused.