Sometimes dogs get tired of the shenanigans of their owners and they take matters into their own hands. Sorry, I meant take matters into their own paws.

There are some things you just can’t make up, and a dog attacking his owner while twerking is one of those things.  The attack didn’t seem out right aggressive, as it went straight for the woman’s hair. I have a few theories as to why the dog reacted the way it did to the woman in the video above, here goes. 1.) There was a dog treat in the woman's hair. 2.) The woman had a cheap weave, and the dog thought that it smelled a lot like Kibble’s and Bit's. 3.) Maybe the pooch had to go to the bathroom and the woman’s “seductive" dance moves were in the way of the best poop ever, or 4.) He was just sick of being embarrassed, and someone had to intervene.

There are things in the past that have otherwise gone undocumented. Before cell phone cameras became integrated with social media, if it happened, it was simply a story you told at parties and family get togethers. This is far beyond belief. The fact that the woman continues to dance after pushing the dog away further lets me know that the dog may be the only one in the house with a level head.

Laugh, because I sure as heck did.