Lake Charles has it's own version of Pharrell WIlliams' 'Happy', thanks to Sean Ardoin-n-Zydekool.  Today at noon, The Peoples Station 107 Jamz will premiere the music video for the first time.


Sean Ardoin

Pharrell WIlliams' 'Happy' is the biggest hit of the year and it's video has become just as popular.  Everyday people to various radio stations across the country, including our sister station in El Paso, have put their own spin on the video.  But NOBODY has done it like we did.  Matter of fact, we have something nobody else has and that's the Zydeco version of the song!

That's right!  Lake Charles' own Sean Ardoin-n-Zydekool put a Zydeco twist on 'Happy', added the sound of an accordion and a washboard, a sprinkle of Janelle Monae funk for flavor and the end result was 'Zydeco Happy'.

The Peoples Station 107 Jamz felt if Lake Charles had it's own version of the song, we had to have our own video.  So, we presented the idea to Sean, he was down and we produced the music video.  Soon everyone will get a chance to see it!  Besides, the Zydeco version is really catching on.  Not only is it becoming a Louisiana favorite, it's gotta a line dance too!  Even The Line Dance Queen in Texas is getting 'Zydeco Happy'.

Today we're gonna get 'Happy' Louisiana style!  The Peoples Station 107 Jamz will premiere the Lake Charles music video for  'Zydeco Happy' by Sean Ardoin-n-Zydekool at 12 noon exclusively on

'Zydeco Happy' is a tribute to Pharrell Williams and the beautiful city of Lake Charles and is NOT for sale.  However, you can download it for free.  Text getkool to 88704 and to get Sean Ardoin-n-Zydeokool's new album 'Return of The Kool' visit

Tell everyone you know!  Watch it, share it, love it!