Mothers Day for me was a great time for me to go and spend time with my mom of course. We always have great conversations and talk as always. I like to spoil her and basically have her to myself. Well this trip I was also able to take a trip down memory lane by going to my old radio station WNBN. Let's take a stroll and I 'll tell you about some of the history there.

Here are some photos from the old studios , it was great being back where it all started for me! I remember like yesterday as I got me start at WNBN 1290, which when i begin was downtown in the heart of the city. I was fourteen years old at the time and got my start in November of 1987. This was both a fun and a sad time for me as this was my first time ever being on the radio, but my grandmother had just passed before she heard me. This was important to me as she knew how badly I wanted to be on the radio although I still feel like she was looking down on me. The owner was Frank Rackley who had no prior radio experience, but wanted to do some positive in the community and I am so happy that I had the chance to be apart of that. I was young so school was a priority for me, but I made it a point to go there every afternoon after school if I didn't have any major test and just sit around. It was a gospel station, but there was so much fun and experience that I gained from working there. I worked there for about 3 months doing weekends and some afternoons, before the chance came for me to move to another big station in my home of Meridian. Although I left there, it was always my first home and I could never let anyone discredit where I started and the knowledge that I gained.


While Mr. Rackley recently passed away, new ownership has decided to keep the tradition of being tied to the community front and center with the radio station. I had the chance to visit the new location of the studios which has acquired new equipment since I worked there in 87. I hope you enjoyed my journey and by way of technology I am able to give back to the station by voicing the station every weekday afternoon from 2-6 pm on WNBN AM 1290!