The good thing about being a star is the fact that everybody knows your name and your making hand over fist money.  The bad thing is....everybody knows your business.  Justin Timberlake is dealing with some family drama that recently hit the news.  Get the scoop now with Tha Wire.

Justin Timberlake performs on stage during a concert in the Rock in Rio Festival -Getty Images

Lets face it, if you got a family…you got drama.  That’s just the way it is.  Some just have more than other’s and even though they have more money….stars have those same issues.  The difference, all their drama is put on front street.  For example, Justin Timberlake is having some fam issues that recently hit the news.  Its seems the superstars aunt, Jane Harless, was caught stealing $64,000 from his mom and step-dad via forged checks.

TMZ is reporting that Ms.  Harless has been allegedly making checks out to herself and signing her brother Paul’s name for two years now.  Paul Harless, is a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies and was married to Justin’s mom, Lynn, when the singer was a kid.  As for JT’s aunt, find out what police discovered and what led to her arrest.  All the details are below with Tha Wire.

In other news, last week Mister Cee found himself back at the center of yet another sex scandal.  With that the famous DJ decided to throw in the towel and resigned after 20-years on the 1's and 2's at New York’s Hot 97.

That same day footage surfaced and apparently exposed  him attempting to solicit sex from a transsexual prostitute-blogger.  As we all know for years Cee has refused to acknowledge his sexual preference, but now it looks like hes finally coming around.  And using his new found status to speak out against the stigma surrounding sexuality and homophobia in hip-hop.

In a new public service announcement for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Mister Cee states that it was the support of family and friends that helped him come clean about his sexual preferences and he encourages viewers to be honest about their sexuality as well.  At the same time, he stresses the need for sexual safety.

Mister Cee ended the announcement by promoting, the largest provider for free HIV, AIDS and STD services in the world. With that big of a resource, there’s no excuse not to get tested.

The Game arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A.  -Getty Images

Finally, rappers the Game and Drake have teamed up to help the family of a woman that lost her entire family in a tragic fire in Ohio.

Anna Angel was working at Burger King, when a fire killed her five kids ages 2-6 and boyfriend, who were trapped in the home.

The Game said, “I can deal with a lot of things but people losing their children is something that kills me every time.” And  ended up giving the woman $10,000 simular to the 10 grand he gave the family of the 6-year old that was shot down last week.  Games conversation with Drake led to the Young Money rapper contributing $10,000 as well.

“I was on the phone with Drake when I read about the woman’s loss and we each agreed to donate $10,000 to help Anna cover the burial costs.”

Game’s TV show, “Marrying the Game” has agreed to put up $2,500 to help Angel as well.

Find out why Game has been giving away so much money now.  Here's more details on today's info with Tha Wire-