Artist Kendrick Lamar has taken over the hip hop scene with a vengence and it seems to be working out even better with him for the coming year. He just released the single for Poetic Justice that is featuring Drake and it seems that he wants to add Janet Jackson to the video.

In a recent interview with MTV, lyrical phenom Kendrick Lamar detailed his grand plans for the "Poetic Justice" video. Kendrick is trying to land Janet Jackson for a cameo appearance in the video, since her song "Any Time, Any Place" is sampled throughout the song. also told MTV he'd like to keep managers and paperwork out of it if possible.

"I would say 'Poetic Justice,' that'll be a good follow up single," said Lamar. "That'll be a blessing [if Janet Jackson appears in the video]. Janet, c'mon, Janet. No paperwork with the managers, contact the managers. This is artist to artist. This is a young boy that looked up to you for years. Please, yeah, video, Janet Jackson 'Poetic Justice.' It'll only be right."

This will be interesting if he can make this happen since the last video that I saw featuring Janet was with her one time boyfriend Jermaine Dupri. Hopefully they can get some things worked out and get Janet in the video, as a matter of fact, they can leave Drake out...LOL!