First and foremost, let me just say if you get a chance to see it...GO!  I'm putting this one up at the top, as one of the best tours I've seen.

Jay and Bey put it down!  Out of all the tours and concerts I've seen, this is actually the first time I've seen Jay Z.  He didn't disappoint!  Beyonce was the too, it's just I've seen her before.  She gave a stellar performance as excepted, but I was extra excited to see JayZ.  All I could say was wow! Here's some pics and video from my experience.

We had very good seats on the floor.  However, I was disappointed with the way the seats were arranged.  They were fold-out chairs for starters and were zip-lined together, leaving ZERO elbow room. Then the floor was a plastic jigsaw type flooring, that was extremely slippery.  Some of the screws were missing and some people feel when their heels got stuck.  This is the lines entering Minute Maid Stadium.

Below is my lil video of Bey and Jay coming out for the first time On The Run Tour Houston 2014.  The sound sucks, because my little phone couldn't handle the bass from the sound system.  Just thought it was cool the way they came out though. They opened with Bonnie and Clyde and closed with On The Run and in between that exchanged performance.  For instance, Bey would come out an do Single Ladies, then Jay would follow with Hard Knock Life and so on.  It was really good!

Here's a video someone else shot and the sound quality is much better.

By the way, coming soon my Essence Music Festival pics!  I know it's a lil late, but better late than never right?  Prince was incredible!