I could only imagine what it must have been like to be in the audience when Tupac performed at the Coachella Festival this past weekend.  The audience was definitely not prepared for what they saw, nor how the performance played out.One things for sure, technology has come a long way to allow Tupac to perform anything, anywhere.  After all, he's has been dead for 16 years.  However, as I understand it Afeni Shakur gave her blessing for the whole thing.  The late Pac's performance was both shocking and unforgettable!  Here's another look at how it went down.  PARENTS BE ADVISED, THE FOLLOWING VIDEO IS EXPLICIT:



In other news, Bobby Brown had his day in court yesterday to deal with several charges stemming from an arrest last month.  Up until this point, Bobby has pretty much cleaned up his image.  He's been part of a very successful tour with his band mates New Edition and even remarried.  However, he got hemmed up in California and may be looking at a little time if convicted.  Press play to get the scoop.

Finally, Flo Rida got himself in a little trouble with some promoters down under, literally.  He's being sued and the country of Australia is threatening that if he doesn't pay up, they'll freeze his assets.  Get the skinny on all of today's juicy entertainment news now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now: 


While we all await for the highly anticipated Dipset reunion album, one member is getting ready to make a little history.  Cam'ron, who is currently recording his own upcoming album and all though there's no official release date just yet, he's got a plan.

That plan is to drop new music every day, for next 30 days!  Cam tweeted, "IMA RELEASE #UNLOSTFILES 2MR NEW SONG EVERY DAY FOR 30DAYS. (EXCEPT DA WEEKENDS) LOL."

Are any of the songs being released within the next 30 days gonna be featured on his next album?  Don't know.  Guess we'll all have to wait and see.