The producer of the year, Pharrell Williams sat down with Hard Knock TV, in collaboration with, and talked about his early music memories, working with Jay Z, and music being in a good place because of artists like Kendrick Lamar. Pharrell also explains how he's always felt a 'little left of center.'

"I think music helped me and other people make sense of it. You are only crazy when there is nothing to go along with it...When you have these eccentric characteristics, its more accepted and understood when there is some sort of skill-set attached to it...For example Jay Z mumbles when he writes his songs, he mumbles for 10-15 minutes, then he comes back with like 16 bars of one of the most comprehensive verses you have heard in a long time. He does it every time. But again, there is some sort of skill-set to accompany his madness...Music was my inner sanctum, that's where I found my peace." - Pharrell Williams

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