President Obama made and announcement on Monday (Feb. 25h), 'We're building Iron Man.' Is he joking or, could he be serious? 

Say what you want about President Obama, but we all know the guy possibly has the best sense of humor of any President to have ever taken office.

During a White House manufacturing innovation event the Potus jokingly announced the development of Iron Man by saying, 'Basically I"m here to announce, we're building Iron Man.' President Obama then left everyone laughing, 'I'm gonna blast off in a second… (pause) It's been a secret project we've been working on for a long time.' He then laughs and ends with, 'Not Really… Maybe… It's classified…' 

I'm sure the President was sarcastically joking, but it was still unexpectedly funny nonetheless. People will still debate and believe what they want though. *shrugs* You can't win them all. If you're like me though, it was worthy of a good laugh.

There may be a career in comedy for President Obama when his term ends in 2017. Or not really... Maybe… It's classified….