While doing a show in Birmingham, London, Rihanna had to give an over aggressive fan a love tap with her mic when they wouldn't let her go.


Rihanna had to let a fan have it during a recent show in the UK, because they refused to let the singer go.  MTV UK says the incident occurred while she was performing ‘We Found Love’ at one of her gigs in Birmingham, London.  To get a little closer to her adoring fans, the singer stepped into the pit between the stage and the crowd during the song.  Here's look at what happened next.

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J. Cole-Facebook

Meanwhile in other news, the blackmailing fan who thought it'd be cool to tweet J. Cole a creepy picture of him pointing a gun at his sister, is behind bars.  As previously reported yesterday,  a 19-year old sent the rapper a chilling tweet and photo of himself threatening to shoot his little sister if Cole didn't re-tweet him.

Thankfully, it was a joke. Police said the gun was actually a BB gun and that the kid had a bad lapse in judgment.  None the less, it was a VERY joke and now the youngster is going to learn a little lesson about what happens when you threaten people.

Listen to Tha Wire below and find out were the kid is and what he had to say for himself.

Mary J. Blige-Getty Images

Finally, it's been a rough year for Mary J. Blige.  Her financial issues are unfortunately growing by the day.  It's bad enough that the Queen of Hip Hop soul owes the IRS millions, but she also owes for defaulted loans.  Now, she being sued by a company that says, she bailed a show and kept their money.

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