Man as I was scrolling through the internet last night, I saw the tragic news about rapper Chris Kelly (Mac Daddy) of the group Kris Kross. I couldn't believe as he passed at such a young age and I can honestly say that I grew up listening to his music. Although details are sketchy, I just had to talk about my memories of the first time I heard about this super group of the 90's!

Kris Kross  was one of those groups who were the brainchild of hot Atlanta producer at the time Jermaine Dupri. The funny thing is the guys were already friends and pretty much had their own swag. Of course that word wasn't used at the time. The were in a local mall if I remember correctly and Jermaine said to them you guys look like a group and the rest was history. They debuted in the summer of 92 with the song "Jump" this had the radio and the schools going crazy. Although these guys were only about 13-14 at the time, all ages of people were singing the words to this one. They released about 3 albums and as the music changed, it was a little hard for them to make the transition to the sound of what was on the radio at the time. As a matter of fact Jermaine Dupri was molding another young rapper by the name of Lil Bow Wow. Years passed and we haven't seen much of the guys, but then they reappeared on the So So Def 20th Year reunion and it didn't look like they missed a beat, as they hit the stage and wrecked it with "Jump" and some more hot joints that we all remembered. Fast Forward to a month later and we hear the news of his passing. I remember the clothes turned backwards and extra baggy pants with the oversized shirts, but that was a time when we had fun and there was no killing, talking about women or smoking blunts. This was just good clean music. R.I.P Chris Kelly, you definately have a place in hip hop history and we will remember you. Let's go down memory lane with some of their hottest videos!


Kris Kross "Jump"


Kris Kross "Warm It Up"


Kris Kross "Da Bomb"


Kris Kross "Alright"


Kris Kross at the So So Def Anniversay: