Jordin Sparks

Listen To Win Sparkle Tickets All This Week
Alright so big shouts out to everyone who came through last night for 107 Jamz Night at the movies. We all had the chance to see Sparkle, starring the late great Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks,Cee- Lo Green and Comedian Mike Epps!
A$AP Rocky Show Ends In Brawl! –Tha Wire
What's going on?  It looks like fighting or shooting people is turning a terrifying trend.  It's truly getting to the point where people can't go anywhere without fear of being shot, trampled or killed.  Or some idiot is throwing something on the stage!  Now, anoth…
Whitney Houston Goes Off On Flight Attendant! — THA WIRE
Whitney Houston almost got kicked off a Delta Airlines flight headed to Detroit on Wednesday.  The 47 year old diva was not in the mood for any foolishness, as she had places to go and people to see.  So, as you could imagine, things got a little out of hand when flight attendant told her …
Sparkle Gets A New Twist and Makeover!
This seems to be the decade of remakes, and there is another movie that you can now add to the list. Some of the top singers, actors and preachers are behind the remake of the hit 70's movie "Sparkle."