Swim Safe This Summer At SWLA Pools [VIDEO]
If you and your family haven't already gone for a swim this year, it probably won't be long. Temperatures are certainly conducive to a day in the pool. It's important, though, to remember water safety.
Could You Eat 12,000 Calories Of Food In One Sitting [Video]
Do you think you would be able to take down 12,000 calories in a day. I mean I love food like anybody, but it seems to me that this is a challenge to be met. Well Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps does this on a regular basis and if you see him, then you know he gains no weight what so ever. Well obvio…
2012 Summer Olympic Medal Count
The U.S. and China have been running neck and neck since the very beginning of the this years summer games.  The best of the best are in London giving their all and I've got the current medal count.