According to CBS Sacramento, a high-school student is being honored by law enforcement because she bravely stepped in to break up a brawl that most would stand by and simply film with their camera phone's. 

Asianya Jones refused to be a bystander when she walked up on a crowd of 20 to 30 kids filming and cheering on a vicious fight between two freshman girls.

According to San Joaquin Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Watson. Asianya could have watched the fight just like everyone else, but instead she pulled the girls apart. And for her bravery she still faced consequences from other's at her school. Student's have ridiculed her for doing the right thing.

Asianya says,

"I just did what any typical person should’ve done"

It's sad that there aren't more people willing to stop bad situation's from happening, but of course in the digital age we live in every situation, both good and bad, seem's to come with the price tag attached that reads, "15 minutes of fame."