This is getting down right ridiculous, but it would seem just one day after being released to a half-way house....T.I. is back in Federal custody.  According to reports, The Federal Bureau of Prisons didn't care for Tip's "flashy"exit from prison last, so they had U.S. Marshals pick him up.

Jay-Z's New York 40/40 club is undergoing renovations and has come under intense fire for it's choice of contractors.  Union workers are up in arms and protesting against the club for using non-union workers.

Estimated to be worth about 600 million, some of Master P's former employee's are looking to cash in.  P is being sued for 200k of his fortune by several former members of his crew in a class action suit.  P is under fire for alleged unpaid wages and being accused for not paying out a judgement placed against him.

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