The prosecution rested it's case and now Murray's team will attempt to make theirs.  After some four weeks and 33 witnesses the prosecution hasn't made it easy for the defense.  Some how, they have to prove that Michael killed himself and paint a picture of Dr. Murray being a competent doctor.

Conrad Murray's defense team is finally getting the chance to present it's case and there first witness was Donna Norris.  Mrs. Norris is a Beverly Hills PD Communications Director and took the stand to discuss the 911 call the day Michael died. Mrs. Norris testimony was to detail the time that the call was placed, the number it was placed from and the cell-phone tower that the information was transmitted from.





Next up were two LAPD detectives Dan Myers and Orlando Martinez who told the jury Michaels bodyguard Alberto Alvarez never mentioned anything about Propofol until two months after Michael died.  Basically, suggesting that Alvarez lied.


Then Murray's lawyers questioned Dr. Allan Metzger, who testified that Michael told him that he'd been struggling with sleeping for 15 years and begged him for IV bags as early as April 2009.





Finally Cherilyn lee, Michaels longtime nurse became emotional and asked the Judge Michael pastor to let her "rest a little bit" during her testimony:


Lawyers for the defense team plan on calling 15 more witnesses to the stand before they rap things up at the end of the week.