There are alot of places I wouldn't mind being stuck at. Maybe a remote island with unlimited drinks and food. How about in Vegas with unlimited coins to cash in and spend. Hey I wouldn't even mind being stuck at a comedy show with some of my favorite comedians including Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart.


But even then I am sure that I would get a little restless unless of course I am with my wife. But one place I would not want to get stuck at would be on an elevator with 7 other football players who tip the scale at well over 2,000 pounds. This is exactly what happened with some players from Southern California when the Offensive Lineman all got stuck in the elevator for several hours before they were finally freed by the local fireman. Hey but all is not bad, check out how they passed time while they were locked down.


Southern California Football Players are locked in an elevator:

While the guys got pretty creative with the time they were stuck inside the elevator. It was a little funny, although I am sure that it was pretty intimidating and possibly a bit unnerving for the guys. I guess there is something be learned from this, and that is if you have to make a few trips on the elevator with a few less guys. That may be what you want to do.