Whether it's neighbors roaming to your home and picking up your packages or strangers in the neighborhood who may look a little suspicious. There are just too many reasons why you may want to consider investing in a Ring Video Doorbell. It can help to keep your prize things protected and you and your family safe. Here are 10 reasons according to Swapanly.com highly recommended on why you should invest in the Ring Bell.

1. Digital Signal Post To The Burglar: This provides interference to the burglar as it works as a digital signal post for your home safety. this will help to sway anyone considering to invade your property to leave you alone.

2. Auto-Arming Motion-Activated Doorbell: This is an auto-alarming motion-activated wide-angel camera lens. It also has night vision capabilities which will allow you to watch over your home at any time of the day or night regardless of where you are.

3. Works As A Digital Checkpoint: While this is known for catching people you may not want at your home, it will be ber helpful for those you want to see as well. It also has a two-way talk system of the wireless Wi-Fi Camera that helps you to welcome visitors and allows you to potentially scare away the others.

4. Works on Various Operating Platforms: The wi-fi camera works with smartphones or other devices and is just as compatible with Windows 10, Android, iOS, and Mac.

5. Cost-Effective: If you are worried about spending a lot of money by investing in Ring Video Doorbell, you don't have to. I have seen security systems that will really run your bank account dry. but with this, you can have the same protection that you need with half the cost of the bigger brand names.

6. Remote Follow-Up: If you are awaiting a package or have the claim that one was delivered, with the Ring doorbell, you can have evidence and proof that the package was or wasn't delivered with remote access on your mobile device.

7. Works With Amazon Alexa for Smart Home Control: You read this right. This device works with Alexa as you can command Alexa to show you the front door and you can keep track of your home.

8. Save precious time on screening your visitors: Not saying that you want to be rude. If you are caught up in a project and are not expecting anyone at your home and if you have the Ring device, you to be able to screen visitors to see if you can ignore them and reach out to them later. Or stop what you're doing for a visit with them.

9. Reduces Insurance Cost: Believe me, we all want to save a few dollars somewhere along the way. This could actually contribute to you saving money when it comes to insurance. Insurance companies love this as it reduces cost and obviously, if you can prevent something from happening, it can eliminate then having to pay out for any potential damage being done.

10. Keep your kids safe: let's just keep it real. As parents, we all have to work these days. There are times that we may not be able to be at home when the kids are there. While it may only be for a short time. An intruder doesn't really need a lot of time to mess up your entire day. With a Ring Doorbell, you can see who is coming in and out of your home and can help you feel reassured about the protection of your loved ones.

As we approach the holidays these are the times when violators want to take advantage of hardworking people like you and me. Make sure that your family is protected and that you can have peace of mind. If this is something you think you may want to take a look at. You can get one for your home here.

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