Making it in the music industry is tough, but what if you already have the record deal, countless tours and the fame? While some artists are satisfied with enjoying the luxuries of being a star and aren't focused on building their brand outside of performing, there are others who keep plugging away to become powerhouse entertainers both on stage and off.

Whether it's starting their own production company or dabbling in another field like acting, there are singers and rappers who hardly ever stop working. They want to do more and their work ethic showcases that with drink endorsements, clothing collaborations and record label imprints that help them surpass the competition. But with all of the new ventures some artists take on, that means that it gives them less time to chill out and more work to do. But in a world as volatile as the music industry, the best way to keep a spot at the top is to stay busy.

In honor of Workaholics Day (July 5), The Boombox takes a look at a few of your favorite artists who have hustled their way to the top and maintain their position with an endless amount of jobs on their resume. If you think about taking that day off from the 9-to-5, these ladies and gents are sure to make you feel guilty with the work they put in. Check out 10 Singers & Rappers Who Never Stop Working.

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