Ever go to a mall or grocery store for a specific thing and come out with a ton of other stuff? That's because you come across stuff you forgot you need. It happens to me all the time, which is why a make a list when I go shopping nowadays. There is a difference, after all.

Searching the net, I found an interesting post by Buzzfeed that featured a bunch of gadgets, household, digital items, and cleaners that most people would need if they knew they existed. I picked 10 of my favorite items and thought I would pass on these great finds. They all are inexpensive, have promising reviews, and are easy to find via online shopping sites, such as QVC and Amazon.

Hopefully, you'll discover a few things you can try at home. Enjoy!

10.) Buddeez "Bread Buddy" Dispenser

This super cool kitchen item is a hit! It is also very functional and practical because it keeps a loaf of bread fresh longer. The way it works is you put the whole loaf of bread in the dispenser, bag and all, a dispenser one slice at a time. It is not only very easy to use, but it also keeps your bread airtight to maximize freshness, and your bread can never get smushed again. Pretty cool, right? Watch it in action!

@mommacusses Reply to @skywolf945 My bread buddy was the real star of this TikTok. #mommacusses#kitchengadgets#breadbox#tiktokmademebuyit♬ original sound - Momma Cusses
9.) Double Glide Shower Curtain Rings
Not all shower hooks or rings are created equal. However, these gliding rings are a dream. They are so easy to use that you only need one hand to put your shower curtain on or off. The rollers on the rings make opening and closing your curtain a sinch as well!
8.) Mug Stacker by ELYPRO
7.) Wet and Forget Weekly Shower Cleaner

No scrubbing or elbow grease is necessary, this stuff is awesome. Apply it and leave it in for roughly 8 to 12 hours or the next day, and it will remove all the grim!

6.) EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum

This cool stationary vacuum is convenient, especially in small spaces like a bathroom or bedroom. That is only because if you have a big space you would need to bring it with moving around. Regardless, it is still better than using a dust pan or dealing with a vacuum cleaner machine. It works just like the built-in vacuum in newer homes, only it is portable. Just sweep your trash in front of the device, and it sucks it all up!

5.) SZELAM LED Rotating Digital Alarm Clock

This is a cool gadget that has a variety of uses. Of course, its main use is to tell time and as an alarm clock. Users can also take advatage of two USB chargers on the side to charge up their devices. Last but not least, it can be used as a mirror!

4.) Multi-Port 6 Outlet and Night Light

This multi-port is way cool, and it's smart too! The 6-outlet, 3-prong wall outlet charger is designed to charge several things quickly and all at once. What makes this outlet stand out is that it can provide 2.4 amps, allowing users to charge two iPads at once. Another great feature is it has smart technology. If you have more than one device charging, it will automatically charge the device with the least power first.

In addition to 6 3-prong plugs, it has two fast-charging USB ports. Finally, as a bonus, it can be used as a nightlight thanks to the bright LED light in the front. Gotta love it!

3.) Keurig Cleaner Pods

One thing about a Keurig coffee pot is it's very easy to use. Another thing about a Keurig coffee pot is it isn't always easy to clean. That is, until someone thought about this game-changing item. Like your coffee pods, they now have a coffee pot cleaner pod they came out a couple of years ago! Thank you to whoever designed these things because they are a lifesaver. The cleaning pod removes all the old coffee grinds and removes the residue for your Keurig in a blink of an eye. They come in various brands, including Keurig, so check reviews before you buy.

2.) Sliding Dishwasher Magnet

This item may seem like no big deal, but finding a good "clean/dirty" magnet for your dishes isn't easy. Not all magnets are created the same. I hate looking for a new one because you can never find the one you're trying to replace. I got this one on order right now! Again, the design is simple but good. The writing is big, bright, and easy to see. All you have to do is slide the plate to the left for "clean," displayed in green, and to the right for "dirty," displayed in red.

1.) The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste

This stuff is the best cleaning stuff on the planet. It is none toxic, not tested on animals, and even endorsed by the Nature Watch Foundation and not tested on animals. Its uses are limitless! Use it on glass, baked-on cooked-on grime in your oven or stove top, in sinks, use on pots and cookie sheets, floor tile, shoes, and more. The best thing about The Pink Stuff is it works!

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