There are probably 1,000 ways to use a pumpkin, but I'm only going to give 100 ways and ideas to prepare this amazing fruit. The fall season is here and if you like to try different recipes, wait till you see all the way a pumpkin can be cooked, sauteed, pureed, backed and boiled.

The ideas and recipes are limitless. When I was younger, every fall my mom and I would make jacklanterns. After scooping out all the contents we would wash off the seeds, spray a little butter, add some salt and bake the seeds.

Yum! They are delicious like that. Pumpkins can be useful for much more than just decorations. How about Roasted Pumpkin Wedges? What about pumpkin bread? Enjoy the great menu ideas below and try a few of these recipes this year.

There are a zillion ways to cook a pumpkin, you can even make a delicious hot coffee spiced pumpkin latte a. Try making a roasted pumpkin houmous. Pumpkin pancakes, fries, and pie, this is a fruit you can make anything with.

Cozy bakes for pumpkin include

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