To take to the sky like a bird on the wing, it's been a dream of mankind ever since there was a "mankind". Our ancient ancestors marvelled at birds and other flying creatures and longed to be above it all with them. Nowadays, flying is a very commonplace form of travel. So it's not surprising that some of the phrases and jargon used on aircraft have made their way into our more common lexicon of terms and phrases. 

Like most industries, the airline industry has its own unique phrases and terms. To industry insiders, it's no big deal. To those of us who only use an airplane every now and then it certainly sounds like they are talking about secret and clandestine stuff.

Many of the phrases and terms are used simply for logistics. The phrases allow crew members to efficiently and succinctly communicate with each other without drawing the unintended attention of passengers. You see airlines, like the government, know we the people do better when we don't have all the information.

Most of the time the "code words" that you hear flight attendants and pilots use over the onboard public address system are designed to put you and me at ease during our flight while communicating valuable information among the uniformed crew and the crew that you didn't know was secretly onboard.

Wait? You didn't know many airline flights have an extra crew member or two onboard disguised as passengers? It's one of the things you'll be able to pick up on the next time you fly if you understand the secret language of flying.

Well, let's get you up to speed so the next time you're above the clouds, you'll know exactly what your air professionals are talking about.

12 Secret Phrases and Their Meanings That You'll Hear on Every Flight You Take


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