In the forty plus year history of Hip-Hop music 1996 and 1997 were the worst years ever. 

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We lost Tupac and then The Notorious B.I.G. back to back.  Of course neither of their murders have been solved and though it's sad to say, probably never will.  It's been 15 years since Biggie was murdered and for some odd reason his autopsy report was recently released on TMZ.

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More details about his wounds and were he was shot is inside Tha Wire below.  In other news, death threats are behind the reason Rick Ross will not be performing in North Carolina.  Rozay was scheduled to perform this weekend in both Charlotte and Greensboro, but the MMG general was told that Carolina state police have cancelled the concert because there's it's not worth risking anyone's safety. Listen below to find out why he's being threatened  and by who.

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In the meantime, Rihanna will soon be following in Heidi Klum's footsteps by producing a fashion competition.  RiRi is teaming up with Style to make it happen and the show will be coming to TV early 2013.  Get more info below.




New Stevie Williams S1W by Lil Wayne Facebook

Finally, Lil Wayne is expanding his brand once again and is now releasing a new showline with skateboarders in mind.  Speaking of skateboarding, X Game legend Stevie Williams is says he's excited have Weezy's name on his shoe.

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