So, it turns out that 2 Chainz and Michael Jordan really are (roughly) the same height. We got official confirmation of that when the lanky Atlanta rapper uploaded images of himself with the basketball icon onto his Instagram.

In one post, which 2 Chainz describes as being "For the culture," MJ and 2 Chainz stand side by side, and it's clear they're similarly tall. In the second picture, we get a more close-up image of both celebs. A third pic was taken by a professional photographer. MJ flashes a smile in all the pics.

In a caption for one of the posts, Tity Boi says he made a silly claim to MJ. "I told him I can out shoot him , he laughed ,then i laughed , and said you're right bru im tripping ‍♂️‍♂️," he wrote. Priceless.

It's unclear why the Jumpman and 2 Chainz were in the same place, but it looks like they were having a good time. Although MJ's also taken photos with Fabolous and given a shoutout to JAY-Z in the past, there have always been rumors that he wasn't a fan of rap or rappers—at all.

Speaking on the RapRadar podcast about two years ago, N.O.R.E. claimed that MJ once rejected Redman and Method Man's request to speak to him at a Def Jam Christmas party. That led him to say MJ didn't like rap.

"Jordan is a hater of hip-hop. He only likes Hov," N.O.R.E. said at the time. "That's it. That's where it stops. It's Hov and that's it. I seen him shut Redman down at a Def Jam Christmas party. We were all sitting there waiting to speak to Michael Jordan. Niggas said, 'Yo, Redman and Method Man is here.' [MJ] said, 'Fuck rap.' I seen the nigga say that. Fuck it, quote me. I believe it was Redman and Method Man, and I'm to the side, so I can directly hear his voice. He was like, 'Fuck rap.' I was like, that shit hurt me, yo. Def Jam Christmas party, Mariah Carey hosting and shit like that. He only spoke to Hov, but he spoke to Hov. That's without a doubt."

Check out the Hair Weave Killer's pics with Michael Jordan below. Check out our list of the 20 best NBA references in rap history when you're done with that.

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