Finally, the 2021 XXL Freshman Class has arrived. Budding rappers like Pooh Shiesty, Coi Leray, Iann Dior, Flo Milli, Toosii, Blxst, 42 Dugg, Lakeyah, Morray, Rubi Rose and the Freshman 10th spot winner DDG have been selected as the next stars to shine. While many of them were seen by fans as “shoo-ins” and “must-haves,” haters will always hate.

After a scouting process that included three months of Zoom pitches and subsequently dodging tons of fake listsXXL shared nearly 100 artists' stat boxes for the 10th spot voting process on social media in March. Thousands of people chimed in with their slanted opinions of these artists, which created more than enough content for the 2021 XXL Freshman Class to thumb through for XXL’s Mean Comments.

Morray is the first artist on the front line. Keeping things tranquil, he throws his hands up to a Twitter user who wrote, “Morray came up off quicksand and bad fits.”

“I thought it was fly,” the North Carolina singer says about his “Quicksand” video drip, which consists of a white LRG shirt; navy, ripped jean shorts and a blue-and-white pair of what appear to be Nike Air Maxes. “...Your comment is accepted, because it’s true. So, fuck you,” he continues.

Gucci Mane’s 1017 protégé Pooh Shiesty didn’t have much to offer to a hater who left a comment nicknaming him “Poop Shitty.” The rapper issues a simple, “Fuck you, dude” as a reply. No other words needed.

Viral sensation Coi Leray came through with a chin check in response to a remark poking fun at her "No More Parties" lyrics. “All she said was ‘mhm mhmmmmm’ she better not be in it this year,” reads the comment. Coi claps back by flexing the fact that “No More Parties” is one of the first records to go platinum in 2021, across all genres. “...Y’all niggas need to do your fucking research," Coi declares matter-of-factly. "I would leave that comment right there. I would pin it actually."

On the line of concurring, Los Angeles rap torch carrier Blxst got a good laugh out of a joke that chaffed about his physical resemblance to the Migos. The No Love Lost creator cosigns that notion as he dubs himself “Blxstset.”

And even in this case, Flo Milli is aware of the fact that all publicity adds gasoline to the fire. She counters an out-of-the-loop spectator who wrote, “Who is she tho, unknown asf.” The Alabama talent affirms, “Well, Mikey, your bitch-ass knows me now.” Yes, yes he does.

Peep the full video below to see every artist in the 2021 XXL Freshman Class address the Mean Comments from some of the internet's biggest haters.

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Welcome 42 DuggIann DiorCoi LerayPooh ShiestyFlo MilliMorrayRubi RoseBlxstToosiiLakeyah and DDG to the 2021 XXL Freshman Class.

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