It's a new year, if you clicked on this article because you read "topless" we can totally be friends by the way.

The annual Go Topless Weekend dates for 2022 have been announced and the weekend should be amazing once again. Talking with the original organizers of the GTW on the Cajun Riviera, they plan on another year of activities on the beach entertainment, and lots of jeeps.

Last year, we sort of took it easy, we knew with COVID that we didn't want to get as crazy as we usually do, but it was still a great year. This year we plan on bringing it all back as we have done in the past: random games throughout the day, prizes to win, our DJ and MC, and even the bikini and man-kini contest!

The event is totally free to attend, and all you have to do is park on the beach, or cruise up and down while having a good time at Holly Beach. With the area still recovering from Laura, places to rent are hard to find, but they are getting back on their feet.

The dates for the 2022 Go Topless Weekend on the Cajun Riviera will be May 20-22, so get ready to hit the beach and go topless!

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