There can be a fine line between good-natured fun and hurtful actions. The line is not so fine between that's not right and that was just stupid. I am in the camp of "that was just stupid" in regards to the actions of three members of the LSU men's basketball team. 

The three players must have thought shooting a paintball gun at a passing pedestrian on campus would be jolly good fun. I am sure if you're the shooter it's a lot more fun than being the target. As you might imagine that little bit of tomfoolery has landed the three players in a lot of hot water with their coach and with the law.

The incident happened on June 16 and The Daily Reveille was first with the story of how Sophomore Wayde Sims, freshman Galen Alexander, and freshman Mayan Kiir were arrested and released for their actions involving a paintball gun.

According to the story from The Daily Reveille the three men were picked up by law enforcement after a pedestrian reported being shot at with paintballs by the Music and Drama building the campus at LSU.

Will Wade coach of the LSU Men's Basketball team released this statement.

I'm aware of the situation and we are dealing with the matter internally. I'm extremely disappointed in these players and the poor judgment they used. This is no way to represent LSU or our basketball program. They have a clear understanding of what our expectations are as a program both on and off the court.

Wade's comments were reported by As referenced in the coaches remarks the incident is being dealt with internally.

It's only speculation on my part but I think that means if they're good players then they will be told to straighten up and be ready for next year. However, if they are marginal players they will be asked to leave the program. It's funny how talent seems to rise above wrong when athletes are concerned.

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