KPLC Meteorologist Joseph Enk's recent weather forecast predicts SWLA will be dealing with rainfall, some very heavy, for the next several days. With continued rainfall, the ground gets saturated which means there's a good chance several areas throughout the city will experience flooding.

Rain is expected across SWLA in the evening on Tuesday into Wednesday morning. Flooding will become an issue with too much rain in a short amount of time on many roadways in the area. Enk warned heavy rainfall could exceed 1 to 3 inches Tuesday night into Thursday evening. saying,

"Flooding could occur if too much rain falls in a short of time as totals near an inch are possible. Greatest risk of flooding would be on roadways and that flooding would end once the rain comes to an end."

However, it looks like the greatest threat of flooding will occur Wednesday and Thursday as more rainfall is forecasted to move over our SWLA. Of course, Mother Nature moves at her own pace, so it's near impossible to predict a precise time when the rain will fall.

The meteorologist urged SWLA residents to stay tuned to KPLC Weather for updates and more specifics regarding

Floods After Heavy Rains At German-Polish Border
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flooding in the area. As always folks living in low-lying areas that normally flood with heavy rainfall need to be extra vigilant. Calcasieu Parish Police Jury is working to get ahead of the potential flooding. Residents must bring their own shovel but, sand and bags are free of charge at the following Parish locations:

  • Iowa City Hall – 115 N Thompson Ave, Iowa (baseball field)
  • Vinton Public Works Yard – 1111 Eddy St., Vinton
  • Former Old Tyme Variety Store – 810 Ruth St., Sulphur
  • Public Works East Station – 5500-B Swift Plant Road, Lake Charles (go to back gates off James Sudduth Prkw.)
  • Ward 1 Barn – 461 Parish Road, Moss Bluff
  • Ward 2 Barn – 7085 LA 14 East, Hayes
  • Ward 3 Old Barn – 2302 Smith Road, Lake Charles
  • Ward 5 Barn – 129 Third St., Starks
  • Ward 6 Barn – 1275 Plum St., DeQuincy
  • Ward 8 Barn – 1726 Parish Barn Road, Iowa.

For assistance, and to maintain safe operations a Parish staff member will be at each location. No outside equipment is allowed at any sandbagging sites. If a location has long lines, please be courteous and limit sandbags to 15 per person. Residents can always get back in line to get as many bags as needed.

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