I guess you might call this a check list of sorts. It is without a doubt that when we go on that (usually awkward) first date, we tend to look for certain characteristics in the other person, even if we don't notice we are.

You know how I love my surveys, basically because I like to be all up in the gossip and business. A survey was recently done with over 2,000 men and women asking what they look for when on a first date.

The top five answers from women include:

  1. Good manners: 56%
  2. Ask a lot of questions about them: 42%
  3. That you are enjoying your meal: 27%
  4. Is the guy paying?: 26%
  5. You drink a few (not drunk, just a little buzzed): 17%

Now let's hear from the gentlemen:

  1. Ask a lot of questions about them: 31%
  2. They you enjoyed your meal: 26%
  3. You have a few drinks: 24%
  4. Respect for the waiter: 12%
  5. Good manners: 12%

I must say I am a little surprised at how similar the top responses are. However, I respect it. From a woman's standpoint, I agree with the female answers. I do tend to notice and look for these qualities or characteristics, not just on a first date, but throughout the relationship. I think men could say the same thing.

close up of a couple drinking wine on valentines day

I guess the point here is, Sunday is Valentine's Day. If you are going out to eat with your significant other, just keep these things in mind. However, if you have already been completely 'shwasted' (highly intoxicated) around your significant other, then you have most likely gone through the embarrassing motions already.

More than anything, have fun this Valentine's Day!


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